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Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats Information for specialist traders

Start selling the Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats now! / Information for specialist traders


If you’d like to offer your customers the Lucky-Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain for Cats and the other Lucky-Kitty products, please don't hesitate contact us. If you’re a pet shop owner, veterinarian or the category manager of an Pet-Supply Online-Shop, you can obtain the Lucky-Kitty products for Cats exclusively from us, the producer.

For you, as specialist trader, category manager or veterinarian, the Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats has lots of benefits to offer, which means plenty of satisfied customers - hardly surprising since this is probably the first ever ceramic drinking fountain for cats that really can be used on a daily basis. In germany hundrets of pet-stores and leading online-pet-supply stores like ‘Fressnapf‘, ‘Megazoo‘, and ‘Zooplus‘ are selling the Lucky-Kitty Products.

Here are 5 top selling points for you: 

  •    recommended by veterinarians
  •    hygienic and easy to clean because it’s made of ceramic
  •    extremely quiet, even when in constant use
  •    no replacement filters required
  •    extremely robust and vandal-proof

The Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats is a very popular product and a strong seller because we take part in specialist trade fairs and advertise on the Internet, social media like Facebook and in the specialist press, but also because of word-of-mouth recommendations from lots of satisfied Lucky-Kitty customers. You’ll also benefit from:
  •    colourful, illustrated instructions for use
  •    attractive packaging
  •    a high rate of customer satisfaction and hence very few product returns
  •    professional photos
So, if you’re excited by the Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats and would like to include it in your range of pet supplies, just send us an e-mail, give us a call or send us a fax (fax no.: 0049 (0)211-15 88 9 88) and we’ll be happy to provide you with some additional information and our terms and conditions for specialist traders. 
The Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats is a high-quality product. Please understand that we deliver exclusively to pet shops, pet-supply-online-shops, cat breeders and veterinarians. We do not want this high-quality product to be sold on auction sites!
 Fountana is currently setting up dealerships for the Lucky-Kitty Drinking Fountain worldwide. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer/retailer outside Germany, please contact us for further information at
The Lucky Kitty Drinking Fountain for Cats is designed to address the special water requirements of domestic cats. For reasons of evolutionary genetics, cats rarely drink from standing water. As a result, over 30% of pet cats that only have access to standing water die from the effects of urinary tract and kidney disease. The continuous flow of water provided by the Lucky Kitty ceramic fountain encourages cats to consume sufficient quantities of water and hence contributes to ensuring long-term health and wellbeing. The fountain’s design also enhances its suitability for daily use.
The concept, design and choice of materials all contribute to the fountain’s unique features: secure positioning, easy cleaning in the dishwasher, splash-free performance and virtually noise-free operation.
Michael Heckers,
Managing Director