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Set-up and cleaning of the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain

Set-up and cleaning of the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain are very simple and only take a few minutes. A cleaning should be made appropriate to the circumstances (number of cats, long hair/short hair, summer/winter) approximately every two to five days.

When you have very hard water in your area, please also remember to descale the fountain and the pump regularly or use a Brita water filter or cheap, silent water of discounters.

Simple set-up

  1. Set up the bottom bowl of the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain on the place where the cat fountain should be located for your cat(s) (to carry around the brimmed bottom bowl is only advisable for really skilful people) and fill it to the maximum with water - at least with 1.5 l. Set up the cat fountain for the first time, please stick before the 4 expanded rubber feet under the bottom bowl.

    Fill bottom bowl with 1.5 l of water.

  2. Place the pump into the middle or even a bit in the front third of the bottom bowl (never in the rear part, because then the tube can be bent and it flows water in insufficient quantity) and press it strongly with the suction base to the ground, put the cable easy to the rear over the small recess in the bottom bowl. First of all remove the white elbow fitting from the pump, which we need shortly. The power of the pump can be adjusted with the small turning knob on the side flap of the pump. + is the maximum pump capacity, - the smallest adjustment.

    Use the long hair permanent filter, which is available as accessory, and place it in the bottom bowl before the pump. (picture right side)

    Place the pump in the middle and fix it strongly.
  3. Place the top bowl in front of you (bottom to top) and slide the silicone tube as far as possible beyond the small fitting in the top bowl. Tip: If you moisten the tube a little bit inside and grasp it with a kitchen towel, it is better to handle and it is also easier to slide over the fitting the first time. The tube should be fixed far beyond and in straight line on the fitting - otherwise the tube could be bent later on during operation and the quantity of water flowing would be insufficient. Then connect the white elbow fitting to the free end of the tube the way it is directed to the rear. (see picture below) 

    Connect tube to the top bowl.

  4.  Take the top bowl in the left hand and hold it - as shown below - close to the bottom bowl. Now insert with the right hand the white elbow fitting at the end of the tube into the small opening of the pump and then carefully lower the top bowl. Press the top bowl a little, in order to ensure that this optimally fits together with the silicone ring of the bottom bowl and if necessary, correct the position of the cable once again, though it can be placed into the two small recesses of the respective bowl and the top bowl is completely based all around on the silicone ring.

    Connect tube with the elbow fitting to the pump.
  5.  Plug the power supply into a power socket and connect the small end of the cable to the power supply.
  6.  Perhaps in the first few minutes you will still hear low noises in the pump caused by small air bubbles. Just wait a few minutes until the air is exhausted and the pump will run quiet as a whisper. If you want to exhaust the pump faster, you could also plug and then unplug the power plug a couple of times.

    Congratulations, the set-up of your Lucky-Kitty cat fountain is now completed - only your cat(s) have to get used to the new drinking spot. Cats usually need approximately 1-7 days to trust in the new drinking spot. Information about the correct set-up location and some more tips & tricks, how to simplify your cat the familiarisation process to a cat fountain, have we summarised for you here.
  7. To refill water during operation, just fill a glass of water from the top into the cat fountain.
  8. For cleaning, simply reverse the procedure.


You can download the operating manual enclosed to the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain as a pdf-file to your computer once again here.


The cleaning of the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain

  1. The top and bottom bowl of the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain can be easily cleaned in the sink unit or in the dishwasher. Since both bowls do not have any corners or edges and are manufactured of high quality ceramic this is quite simple. Please note that the expanded rubber feet of the bottom bowl could loosen in the dishwasher.
  2. You best clean the tube of the cat fountain with a tube brush as you will find it in our tubing set. You also get these tube brushes with pharmacies. Many customers have told us that it also works really well with a pipecleaner. If you have nothing of these things at hand, knead the tube in the dishwater simply proper.
  3. Please remember also to clean thoroughly the two white fittings inserted on the tube from time to time, so that there could be no sediment or limescale. Even here is the use of a tube brush or a pipecleaner very useful. Many of our customers also swear by the tabs of denture cleaner in order to clean the spots which are not at all easy to clean.
  4. The pump of the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain can and must be disassembled for cleaning. How this works exactly, we explain here:


The cleaning of the Lucky-Kitty pump

For the reason that the pump is running long-time and nearly low noise, it must be regularly cleaned and descaled, if necessary. The pump can be dismantled into several parts very easy and simple and without any tool; a thorough cleaning takes only a few minutes.

  1. Please always unplug the power supply from the plug socket for cleaning the Lucky-Kitty pump.
  2. Open the black side flap - which is only inserted - with your fingernail or softly with a small screwdriver or a blunt knife. (If you haven't done this for a long time, it may be that between the cover and the casing limescale is always deposited and the cap can only be taken off with great effort.)

    lucky-kitty pumpenreinigung
    Remove the cap
  3. Also remove the second, black propeller cover beneath.

    lucky-kitty pumpenreinigung
    Remove propeller cover 

  4. pull the small, green propeller out of its magnet holder. This is very easy to handle, e.g. with the help of a tweezers or the grip of our cleaning brush.

    lucky-kitty pumpenreinigung
    Pull out propeller

  5. Clean the pump thoroughly in flowing, warm water. (Not too hot, since the pump and as well as the suction base could become distorted) An old toothbrush is especially suitable for this. In order to remove persistent deposits place the pump in water for a few minutes and add some washing-up liquid. In this case please rinse the pump thoroughly with fresh water afterwards! Pay extra attention to the opening of the propeller - therein and on the magnet of the propeller do not have to be left any sediment or limescale! Otherwise the pump will be noisy or even could stop completely.

    lucky-kitty pumpenreinigung
    Cleaning pump

  6. If you have very hard water and there is already limescale on the pump, place all parts in a bowl with descaler for one hour. Especially suitable is diluted citric acid, as this in contrast to acetic acid does not damage the rubber feet of the pump. Diluted citric acid (E330) in powder form for dissolving in water is very cheap to buy, e.g. in the drug store or the pharmacy. If need be also water and the juice of a squeezed lemon or a good squirt of distilled white vinegar could be used.

    lucky-kitty pumpenreinigung
    Descaling pump parts

  7. Once all pump parts are quite clean again and free of limescale, reinsert the propeller in its holder, cover it on top and then on the side with its caps. From time to time, you can lubricate the metal spindle in which the rotor is inserted and the magnet with a soupcon of petroleum jelly. (Really advisable e.g. with a cotton bud)

    lucky-kitty pumpenreinigung
  8. The cleaning manual of the Lucky-Kitty pump can also be downloaded to your computer as a pdf-file here again.


Cleaning and disinfecting the long hair permanent filter

Boil out the long hair permanent filter just for 2-3 minutes. You can also simply place it in a bowl and pour boiling water from the electric kettle over it or put the damp filter for 2-3 minutes at 500-600 watts into the microwave. Then it is again sterile.

If you have very hard water, limescale can deposit on the filter - in this case please also descale the filter regularly.