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A cat foutain that is.. easy to clean, heavy enough to stay put when cats are playing around it, easy to clean, fairly easy to assemble, easy to clean, the cats love i.. did I mention that it is so much easier to clean? I have had 3 other kinds of fountains, in different shapes and forms. All have little nooks and crannies that make them difficult to clean properly, and in the dishwasher I fear that they will change shape and then be even more difficult to put back together. Not this one. I was i bit concerned about the fact, that very litte water is found at the bottom of the "steps" of this fountain, and there was no watertank to fill it up.. I was afraid that they would have no water they could reach if the power set out. But this thing holds so much water that even my three cats cannot drink so much that the little pool of water disappears. I change the water every morning, and maybe pour a little extra on top in the evening. And this works. And.. it is so easy to clean.. Looks better that all the plastic-thingies too.. I'm gonna buy another one. :) Could we have the possibility to buy extra pumps for this thing, please? Just in case.

Ann Rudbeck

I am 100% satisfied 

...with Lucky-Kitty and so is my ragdoll cat! It's completely silent, easy to clean, made of ceramic (plastic is not recommended), my cat is drinking much more water than before (cats drink too little water, what leads to renal problems), it does not require filters, they ship pretty fast... What else could I ask for? I highly recommend that you also order the extra tubes because of the little brush they come with, which is very handy. After cleaning, when you turn on the fountain it makes some noisy but don't worry, it will be silent again after 2 minutes or so. I have recommended it for friends who are all very satisfied as well! It's heavy (since it's made of ceramic) but I don't see it as a minus at all, some cats make a mess with lighter fountains. My cat had never shown any special interest for running water but after 2,5 days he was already drinking from Lucky-Kitty, once I saw him drinking for 5 minutes with no rest! Every day I notice difference in the water level - success! All the good reviews about Lucky-Kitty are true! No reason to waste your time and money trying others fountains first.


My husband and I are both really pleased...

...with this fountain. It is easy to clean and easy to set it up and the fact that it does not need any filters and is made of ceramic, made this the perfect choice for our 2 dogs and 4 cats. One of my cats had a bladder infection so wanted to encourage her to drink more water which it seems to be doing. One more bonus about the fountain is the fact that it is very quiet when in use, so does not frighten my lovely bunch. I would highly recommend it.


All six of my cats use this cat fountain...

and love it. I had another water fountain in the past which was a nightmare to take apart and clean but this is so easy it's done in minutes! Thank you so much!


I kept coming back to the Lucky-Kitty fountain.

I really wanted to inspire my 2 cats to drink more water (in the hope of fending off any possible future kidney problems and other health issues). I did a fair bit of web research on what would be most suitable for both them and also for me (as the person who would need to put it together)! Time and again after reading lots of reviews for different drinking fountains, I kept coming back to the Lucky-Kitty fountain. My 2 cats mean the world to me and I wanted to do right by them, so although the Lucky-kitty was expensive compared with others on the market, I felt that this was the one that I needed to buy. How glad I am that I did!! It arrived within about 4 days from Germany - which is where the company is based. It came with very clear and easy instructions and took less than 3 minutes to set up. I was surprised to find that it is virtually silent and I am completely unaware of it in the kitchen (and I have very good hearing)! No expensive filters required, very easy to top up the water every couple of days and easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher once a week. As for my cats.....well what can I say? After a day of cautious investigation by them, they now can't keep away from it and it has totally revolutionised their drinking habits! They absolutely love it use it frequently throughout the day and night and they are definitely drinking far more water now than they ever did before. Even as I write this review at my kitchen table and can look over and see Eddie (one of my cats) lapping at the fountain furiously! I would without any hesitation recommend the Lucky-kitty drinking fountain to anyone and everyone who owns a cat. Yes it's expensive, but I prefer to see it as an invesment for my cats' happiness, good health and future! Worth every single penny!

Sara Griffiths


It's worked a treat and it's unbeliavable how much he now drinks!

Our cat developed crystals in his urinary tract. We were told that this was caused by the fact that cats, especially male cats, do not drink enough water to dilute all the minerals in their food. We were also told that this could be life threatening were it to happen again and we were told to encourage him to drink.
Anyway, we did some research, and opted to buy the Lucky Kitty Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain. It's worked a treat and it's unbeliavable how much he now drinks - we have to keep refilling the fountain.
THe fountain runs very quietly, however when it needs cleaning it does start to drone.
As to Lucky Kitty after sales care, I can only give them praise. Whilst cleaning the fountain a few days ago, I must have lost a very small part of the pump down the sink. Luckily I quickly found what was wrong using the FAQs on the Lucky Kitty website. I sent them en e-mail, an they sent me a replacement part free of charge in the post the very next day. Thank you Lucky Kitty! Over the few days that the fountain wasn't working due to the lost part, out cat was sick three times, higlighting what a difference the cat fountain has made to his wellbeing.

Ifan Prys