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Lucky-Kitty low voltage pump w. PSU (UK-Plug)

Lucky-Kitty low voltage pump w. PSU (UK-Plug)

Lucky-Kitty low voltage pump w. PSU (UK-Plug)

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Lucky-Kitty low voltage pump w. PSU (UK-Plug)

You can also order separately the used, high-quality special pump in the Lucky-Kitty cat drinking fountain.

Of course, the Lucky-Kitty replacement pump can be used with other cat drinking fountains or indoor fountains too, which are not equipped with such high-quality pumps; a second pump is useful while the other pump is e.g. in process of cleaning or decalcification - then there will be no waiting period for the fur-bearing animals.

The pump is especially safe due to the used low-voltage technique (only 12 volts). The power of the pump is only amounting to 2 watts. The pump will be supplied including silicone tube (free of plasticisers), power supply, elbow fitting and cleaning manual. We would be pleased, if you could read the last mentioned before the set-up, so that you could enjoy your pump for a long time and it will always run nearly low noise.

        power of the pump only amounts to 2 watts and 12 volts

        nearly low noise during operation

        developed for the continuous operation

        almost wear-free because of solenoid-operating rotor

        easy to disassemble and quick to clean with a flick of the wrist 

        extra-long, white cable: 1.75 m, with a plug connected to the power supply

        stable fitting by 3 strong stuck rubber feet

        security by low-voltage technique

(Note: In response to requests from many customers we have now switched over the pump to low-voltage technique i.e. a power supply transforms the power to lower voltage, so that only harmless 12 volts flow through the cable - even if your cat bites into the cable nothing can happen - the 12 volts cause a light tingling sensation then, that is all.)



Here a perhaps supporting advice from our customer service: Before you order a new pump because your pump "does not work any longer": please remember to clean the pump thoroughly according to the manual once a week at least. The pump has to be opened on one side, the small propeller must be pulled out and especially the "propeller bearing bush" has to be cleaned thoroughly, so that you and your cat could enjoy your pump for a long time and it will always run nearly low noise. In case of hard water you should also descale the pump regularly, use an appropriate filter or cheap, silent water of discounters. Up to 99% of the "damaged" pumps are running again once they have been thoroughly cleaned as indicated in the manual - how to proceed it, you will see on our page "operation & cleaning" here! ; -)


You can download the cleaning manual (see picture above) once again here.


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